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Локализация на Апсинтите

Апсинтите (на старогръцки: Ἀψίνθιοι; на латински: Apsinthii) са според Херодот тракийско племе на Егейско море в Тракийския Херсонес (дн. Галиполски полуостров).[1]

Апсинтите са локализитрани източно от другото тракийско племе Долонки. Те са толкова активни, че Милтиад строи вал от Кардия до Пактия.[2]

Източници[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  1. Херодот, The Histories (ed. A. D. Godley), 9.119.1, „CXIX. As Oeobazus was making his escape into Thrace, the Apsinthians of that country caught and sacrificed him in their customary manner to Plistorus the god of their land; as for his companions, they did away with them by other means. Artayctes and his company had begun their flight later, and were overtaken a little way beyond the Goat's Rivers,1 where after they had defended themselves a long time, some of them were killed and the rest taken alive. The Greeks bound them and carried them to Sestus, and together with them Artayctes and his son also in bonds.“
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