Беседа:Красива Лужица

от Уикипедия, свободната енциклопедия
Направо към навигацията Направо към търсенето


Your translation was a liberal.My was literal.

Rjana Łužica (Divna is archaic, Krasiva is more adequate.Is Krasiva moma more in use today, or Divna moma??)

Rjana Łužica, Sprawna, přećelna, (Sprawna means "right" like in the "right scientific method", but proud is "hordy" note the g/h shift"přećelna is "friendly" "Gostoprimliva" is " hóstliwy" g/h again!!! mojich serbskich wуtcow kraj, mojich zbуžnych sonow raj, swjate su mi twoje hona (swjate like in Swjate Pismo (biblija)You translated it as "svidna" but in LS this is "luby"."Hona" usually means fields, or rarelly "corridors", but not "space" which is "rum":

Časo přichodny, (future hour) zakćěj radostny! (exclaim joyfully) (Ow, zo bychu z twojeho klina wušli mužojo, hуdni wěčnoh wopomnjeća!=" oh, may follow from your lap of men, who are worthy of the eternal memory!"

How did you come with "heroes" insted om "man"?