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1re série 2e série

Collecting cards with pictures of events in ballooning and parachuting history

Early flight 02562u (1).jpg
Early flight 02562u (2).jpg
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Early flight 02562u.jpg
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Les frères Montgolfier (1784) N°. 1
1re expérience aérostatique a Annonay (1783) N°. 2
Charles lance à Paris le premier aérostat (1783) N°. 3
Premier voyage aérien Pilâtre de Rozier et d'Arlandes (1783) N°. 4
Premier voyage aérien par Charles et Robert (1783) N°. 5

The Montgolfier brothers (1784) N°. 1
1st aerostatics flight demonstration at Annonay (1783) N°. 2
Charles launches the first balloon in Paris (1783) N°. 3
First aerial trip Pilâtre de Rozier and d'Arlandes (1783) N°. 4
First flight by Charles and Robert (1783) N°. 5

N°. 6 1er essai de direction de ballons, Guyton de Morveau (1784)
N°. 7 Traversée en ballon du Pas-de-Calais par Blanchard et Jefferies (1785)
N°. 8 Mort de Pilâtre de Rozier et de Romain (1785)
N°. 9 Transport de l'Entreprenant de Maubeuge à Charleroi (1794)
N°. 10 L'Entreprenant, ballon monté par Coutelle, bataille de Fleurus (1794)

N°. 6 1st navigation test of balloons, Guyton de Morveau (1784)
N°. 7 Balloon crossing of Strait of Dover by Blanchard and Jeffries (1785)
N°. 8 Death of Pilâtre de Rozier and Pierre Romain (1785)
N°. 9 Moving L'Entreprenant balloon from Maubeuge to Charleroi (1794)
N°. 10 L'Entreprenant balloon manned by Coutelle, Battle of Fleurus (1794)

Medium: 10 prints (ephemera) (1 sheet) : chromolithograph.
Created/published: Paris : Romanet & cie., imp. edit., [between 1890 and 1900]
Notes: sheet of 10 uncut cards, individually captioned and numbered; issued as "Collection 476," "1re série."; French captions on each card; Tissandier collection.
Exhibited: "The Dream of Flight" : American Treasures of the Library of Congress, 2003-04.

Call number: LOT 13416, no. 31 [P&P]; reproduction number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-02562 (digital file from original print); card number: 2002717348. No known restrictions on publication.

This image is available from the United States Library of Congress Prints and Pictures division under the digital ID ppmsca.02562
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Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA


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