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العربية: علم من الجيش الشعبي لتحرير السودان
Čeština: Vlajka Jižního Súdánu
Източник http://www.fotw.us/flags/ss.html / Flag of the World
Автор User:Achim1999
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Public domain This image was first published in Sudan or South Sudan and is now in the public domain, either because its term of copyright has expired, or because it is ineligible for copyright protection according to the Sudanese Law. This work meets one of the following conditions:
  • It is a photographic or cinematographic work and at least twenty five years have elapsed since the end of the year of its publication.
  • It is another type of work and more than twenty five years have elapsed since the year of authors death and fifty years have elapsed since the year of publication.
  • It was first published in Sudan before 18 December 1996

Article 198 of the Constitution of the South Sudan declares that "All laws of South Sudan shall remain in force [...] unless new action are taken [...]." As there is no new South Sudanese copyright law at this time, the Sudanese one is still in force there.

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South Sudan

Public domain Това изображение на проста геометрична фигура не подлежи на авторски права и поради тази причина е обществено достояние, защото се състои от информация, която е публична собственост и не съдържа оригинални авторски разработки.
Този файл представлява изображение на знаме, герб, печат или друг официален знак. В много страни употребата на такива символи е обект на ограничения. Тези ограничения са независими от авторското право.

derivative works

Derivative works of this file: Flag map of South Sudan.svg

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23:19, 19 май 2012Миникартинка на версията към 23:19, 19 май 20121000 × 500 (728 bytes)Achim1999why are there so many errors? The blue triangle shall be an equilateral one! The golden star shall be in its center! In previous flag-version, the triangle was nearly 4% too short and moreover the star too far to the right. :-/ I have no source for the...
02:12, 5 януари 2012Миникартинка на версията към 02:12, 5 януари 20121000 × 500 (797 bytes)Antonsusi1: 'fillrule:nonzero' is strictly nescessary. 2: Prevent predefined values for better use in old browsers.
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09:58, 4 август 2011Миникартинка на версията към 09:58, 4 август 2011300 × 150 (519 bytes)OAlexander~commonswikiTightened code, added "title"-tag (tested with Inkscape Firefox, Safari, Adobe plugin for IE).
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19:55, 21 юли 2011Миникартинка на версията към 19:55, 21 юли 20111000 × 500 (896 bytes)AntonsusiStar with better precision by calculating.
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