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Националност САЩ
Стил Индъстриъл метъл
Алтърнатив рок
Активни години 1999 – до наши дни
Уебсайт http://www.celldweller.com/
Страница в IMDb
Членове Klayton Scott

Celldweller (Селдуелър) е група от Детройт, САЩ създадена от Клейтън Скот, който пише музиката, пее и записва всички инструментали. Когато има концерти, той е подкрепен от още няколко музиканта. Звукът на групата се определя като електро рок, който включва елементи на ню метъл, техно, транс и бийтове.

На геймърите може да е познат от играта NFS: Most Wanted, в която се включени 2 негови песни - One Good Reason и Shapeshifter (feat. Styles of Beyond). Музиката му също така е soundtrack към много филми и сериали.

Трейлъри[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  • Redline” (Indie) “Shapeshifter”
  • "Doom" (Universal) "Switchback"
  • “Spider-man 2” (Columbia/Sony) “Switchback”
  • “Catwoman” (Warner Bros.) “Switchback”
  • “The Punisher” (Lion’s Gate) “Switchback”
  • “Constantine” (International Trailer) (Warner Bros.) “Frozen”
  • “Need For Speed: Most Wanted” (Video Game Trailer) (Electronic Arts) “Shapeshifter"
  • “Paycheck” (International Trailer) (Dreamworks) “Switchback”

TV Spots[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  • “The Last Legion” (Weinstein Company) “Baseline”
  • “Spider-man 3” (Columbia/Sony) “Baseline”
  • “CSI” (CBS) Superbowl Spot “Switchback”
  • “Superman Returns” (Warner Bros.) “Goodbye” (Klayton Revision)
  • “Supercross” (20th Century Fox) “Fadeaway”
  • “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (20th Century Fox) “I Believe You”
  • “XXX: State Of the Union” (Columbia/Sony) “Switchback”
  • “National Security” (Sony) “Switchback”
  • “Constantine” (DVD TV Spots) (Warner Bros.) “Frozen”
  • “Timeline” (Paramount) “I Believe You”
  • “Spider-man 2” (DVD TV Spots) (Columbia/Sony) “Switchback”

Филми[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  • “Mindhunters” (Dimension)“So Sorry to Say”
  • “Out for a Kill” (Independent) “Switchback,” “Unlikely (Stay With Me),” “Welcome to the End,”
  • “Frozen” and “The Last Firstborn”
  • “Hellraiser: Hellworld”(Dimension) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “Frozen”
  • “Bring it On Again” (Universal) “Switchback”
  • “Kart Racer” (Independent) “Switchback” and “Unlikely (Stay With Me)”
  • “Takedown” (Miramax) “Symbiont”
  • “Cutaway” (Artisan) “Symbiont” and “Kemikal”
  • “Repli-Kate” (Independen) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)”
  • “Python” (Independent) “Own Little World”
  • “21” (Independent) “Symbiont”
  • “Real Steel” - “The Wings Of Icarus”
  • “Death race 2” - “Switchback, Frozen, Scardonia, Shapeshifter“

Игри[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  • “Crackdown” (Microsoft) - “So Sorry To Say,” “Frozen,” “The Last Firstborn,” “Afraid This Time,” * “Fadeaway”
  • “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” (Electronic Arts) “Shapeshifter” and “One Good Reason”
  • “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift” (Namco) “Goodbye” (Klayton Revision)
  • “Enter the Matrix” (Infogrames) “Switchback” and “Symbiont”
  • “Project Gotham Racing 3” (Microsoft) - TBA
  • “XGRA” (Acclaim) “Own Little World,” “The Last Firstborn,” “One Good Reason,” and “The Stars of Orion”
  • “Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open” (Infogrames) “Own Little World”
  • “NHL Hockey 2003” (Electronic Arts) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “Switchback”
  • “Road Rash – Jailbreak” (Electronic Arts) “Symbiont”
  • “Rallisport Challenge 2” (XBOX) “Symbiont”
  • “Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel” (Interplay) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “The Last Firstborn”

Телевизия[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  • “Dirt” (F/X) “Welcome To The End”
  • “Friday Night Lights” (NBC) “Shapeshifter”
  • “One Tree Hill” (WB) “Switchback”
  • “America’s Next Top Model” (UPN) “Welcome To The End,” “Switchback,” “Frozen,” and “The Stars of Orion”
  • “Punk’d” (MTV) “Switchback,” “The Last Firstborn,” and “Frozen”
  • “Without A Trace” (CBS) “One Good Reason”
  • “Out of Order” (Showtime) “Frozen”
  • “Veritas” (ABC) “Switchback”
  • “Salem's Lot” (TNT) "Unlikely (Stay With Me)"
  • “Miracles” (ABC) “One Good Reason”
  • “Black Sash” (WB) “Switchback”
  • “Dawson’s Creek” Season 6 DVD (Sony) “Switchback”
  • “Life As We Know It” DVD (Disney) “Frozen” and “I Believe You”
  • “The Twilight Zone” (UPN) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “I Believe You”
  • “Beggars & Choosers” (Showtime) “The Beginning of the End”
  • “The Chris Isaak Show” (Showtime) “Kemikal”
  • “The Road to Iron Man” (NBC) “Fadeaway” and “Frozen”
  • “Wrecked” (ESPN) “Symbiont”
  • “Higher Ground” (Fox) “The Beginning of the End”
  • “Pimp My Ride” (MTV) various
  • “Tough Enough 3” (MTV) various
  • “Battle of the Sexes” (MTV) various
  • “Real World” (MTV) various
  • “Road Rules” (MTV) various
  • “MTV Cribs – How To Live Like a Rock Star” (MTV) various
  • “Making the Video” (MTV) various
  • “Undressed” (MTV) various
  • “Rodman World Tour” (MTV) various
  • “The Road Home” (MTV) various
  • “Live Through This” (MTV) various
  • “Surf Girls” (MTV) various
  • “MTV Sports” Theme song & Various Cues
  • “The Surf Channel “The Beginning of the End” ”
  • “LG Sports Championships” (Fox Sports Net) various
  • “Roswell Season 3” (Fox Home Video) “Switchback”
  • “Access Hollywood” “Switchback”
  • “The Hills Have Eyes 2 Official Motion Picture Soundtrack” – “Own Little World” (Remorse Code Remix)

Допълнителни линкове[редактиране | редактиране на кода]