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(Нова страница: '''Минас Моргул''' (в превод от синдарин „Кула на черната магия“), известна и под по-ранното с...)
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Когато [[Последне съюз между елфи и хора|Последният съюз]] побеждава Саурон в 3441 г. от [[Средна епоха|С.Е.]], Минас Итил е възстановена като град-крепост и процъфтява дълги години, въпреки че сега е под властта на сина на Анарион [[Менелдил]], тъй като Исилдур планира да вземе властта в кралството на баща си [[Арнор]]. Исилдур засява младока от Бялото дърво Минас Анор в памет на Анарион, който е убит по време на войната.
<!--==Трета епоха==
Минас Итил пострадва силно при [[Голяма чума (Средна Земя)]]Minas Ithil suffered greatly as a result of the [[Great Plague (Middle-earth)|Great Plague]] in the year {{ME-date|TA|1636}}. Its population and garrison were diminished, and the watch on Mordor inevitably became lax. In the year 1980 of the Third Age, the [[Nazgûl]] returned to Mordor, after the defeat of the [[Witch-king of Angmar]] in the north of Middle-earth by a joint force of [[Elf (Middle-earth)|Elves]], [[Dúnedain]], and men of Gondor under the command of Prince [[Eärnur]].
In preparation for Sauron's return, the [[Nazgûl|Ringwraith]]s laid siege to Minas Ithil in 2000, and they took the city for their dark master two years later. Minas Ithil was occupied by fell creatures and its walls were studded with menacing fortifications. The ''palantír'' kept in the Tower was also captured and later installed at [[Barad-dûr]]. As a result, the city became a foul, evil place, and it came to be called Minas Morgul, "The Tower of Dark Sorcery" in [[Sindarin]]; the valley in which it stood likewise came to be known as Morgul Vale. In response, Minas Anor was likewise renamed [[Minas Tirith]], "The Tower of Guard," to indicate Gondor's eternal vigilance against the threat of the Witch-King.
After Eärnur became King of Gondor in 2043 the Witch-King, Lord of the Nazgûl, challenged him to single combat in order to finish a disputed duel between them at the [[Battle of Fornost]] years earlier. In 2050 Eärnur accepted a second challenge, rode with a contingent of [[knight]]s to Minas Morgul and was never heard from again. Because he had no heirs and was never declared officially dead, the line of the [[Stewards of Gondor]] ruled the kingdom in his stead until the return of an heir of Isildur, beginning with Eärnur's own [[Stewards of Gondor|Steward]], [[Mardil Voronwë|Mardil]]. Terror and war were directed against Gondor from Minas Morgul until Ithilien was deserted.
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