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English: 1917 Socialist Revolutionaries election poster. The Socialist Revolutionaries were an agrarian socialist political party that attempted to create a democratic government in Russia in 1917 but were overthrown shortly afterwards by Russia's Bolshevik Communists.
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Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is (was) here * 02:26, 20 November 2005 [[:en:User:Kristallstadt|Kristallstadt]] 400×548 (175,510 bytes) <span class="comment">(1917 SR election poster http://en.plakaty.ru)</span>

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текуща08:25, 19 юли 2006Миникартинка на версията към 08:25, 19 юли 2006400 × 548 (171 KB)Liftarn{{Information| |Description=1917 SR election poster|Source= http://en.plakaty.ru |Date= |Author=User Kristallstadt on [http://en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia] |Permission={{PD-because|This image has been published in Russia before

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