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English: The Jordan River. Modified from http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/israel.pdf

Cross-checked with other maps, especially in the area of the Hula swamp and the tributaries:

Източник http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/israel.pdf
Автор Собствена творба
други версии


Public domain This image is a map derived from a United Nations map.

Unless stated otherwise, UN maps are to be considered in the public domain. This applies worldwide.
Some UN maps have special copyrights, as indicated on the map itself.

UN maps are, in principle, open source material and you can use them in your work or for making your own map. UN requests however that you delete the UN name, logo and reference number upon any modification to the map. Content of your map will be your responsibility. You can state in your publication, if you wish, something like: based on UN map … (map name, map number, revision number and date). See: The UN Cartographic Section (retrieved 16 November 2013)

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19:34, 10 април 2007Миникартинка на версията към 19:34, 10 април 20071016 × 1285 (860 KB)Interiot~commonswikimake "Yarmouk River" not intersect with the Syria/Jordan border
10:41, 10 април 2007Миникартинка на версията към 10:41, 10 април 20071016 × 1285 (859 KB)Interiot~commonswiki+Yarmouk, +Jabbok
10:23, 10 април 2007Миникартинка на версията към 10:23, 10 април 20071016 × 1285 (858 KB)Interiot~commonswiki+tributaries
09:19, 10 април 2007Миникартинка на версията към 09:19, 10 април 20071016 × 1285 (855 KB)Interiot~commonswikitweaks
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07:53, 10 април 2007Миникартинка на версията към 07:53, 10 април 2007388 × 491 (1,02 MB)Interiot~commonswikigetting closer...
20:43, 6 април 2007Миникартинка на версията към 20:43, 6 април 2007720 × 720 (1,77 MB)Interiot~commonswiki'''note: map is still being worked on'''... once complete, English captions will be added here, and a numbered captionless map will be created at Image:JordanRiver_numbered. ---- The Jordan River. Modified from http://www.un.or

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