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I don't speak Bulgarian, but why is this a stub about Denmark? This should be a stub about the Faroe Islands, which are so distinct from Denmark, that it's wrong to group these two countries together. JPD, Faroe Islands --Предният неподписан коментар е направен от анонимен потребител с адрес (беседа • приноси) .

Sorry, there is no offense meant at all! (AFAIK) Politically the islands are still considered part of Denmark, albeit with increasing authonomy, hence the stub type. Obviously there are not so many articles about them either, so there was no need for separate stub-template.
The best approach to resolve the issue amicably is to expand the article beayond the need for a stub-mark. You can help by providing link to the article on fo.wp, as I typically prefer to check what people are writing about themselves. -- Златко ± (беседа) 20:11, 15 декември 2006 (UTC)