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Александър Бел[редактиране на кода]

Александър Бел не е изобретателят на телефона. Вижте en:Telephone:

"Generally attributed to the inventor Alexander Graham Bell, the first was built in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1876. However, an Italian inventor Antonio Meucci is said to have invented the device in 1849, and in September 2001, Meucci was officially credited by the US Congress with the invention of the telephone, instead of Alexander Graham Bell. According to other Sources Philip Reis invented it in 1860, but due to a false translation of the German word "Telephon" his invention was considered only the predecessor of Bell's one."

Това го пиша в случай, че някой настоява Бел да е изобретателят на телефона. :) --Webkid 10:36, 22 юли 2004 (UTC)