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This template removes links from wikitext. It de-links wikilinks and URL links, removes HTML comments, and normalises whitespace. It handles most wikitext correctly, including category links, the colon trick, the pipe trick (normal and reverse), nested wikilinks, and invalid link characters.

Употреба[редактиране на кода]

Всички параметри
| 1          =
| wikilinks  = no
| urls       = no
| comments   = no
| whitespace = no
| refs       = yes

Parameters[редактиране на кода]

  • 1 - the text to be de-linked.
  • wikilinks - if set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", wikilinks are not de-linked.
  • urls - if set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", URL links are not de-linked.
  • comments - if set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", HTML comments are not removed.
  • whitespace - if set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", whitespace is not normalised. The normalisation makes the whitespace of the resulting text look as if it had been put through the MediaWiki parser. For example, single newlines are converted to a single space, but double newlines are left alone.
  • refs - (experimental) if set to "yes", "y", "true", or "1", removes references. This is not recommended, as only the [1], [2], etc. markers will be removed - the references themselves will still appear at the end of the page. There is no known workaround for this problem as of April 2014.

Примери[редактиране на кода]

Code Output
{{delink|[[Foo]]}} Foo
{{delink|[[Foo|Bar]]}} Bar
{{delink|[[Foo]], [[bar]], and [[baz]].}} Foo, bar, and baz.
{{delink|I visited [https://www.example.com example.com].}} I visited example.com.
{{delink|Foo}} Foo

Non-examples[редактиране на кода]

Code Output
{{delink|https://www.example.com}} https://www.example.com

Вижте също[редактиране на кода]

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