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This template is used to generate the above/title section in a politics sidebar


{{sidebar with collapsible lists
| name = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| wraplinks = true
| bodyclass = vcard
| liststyle = text-align: left

| title = {{politics sidebar title
  | country = <!-- country -->
  | title = <!-- country or the country -->
  | image = Coat of arms of the Netherlands.svg
  | alt =

| list1title =
| list1 =

| below = {{politics sidebar below|<!-- country or the country -->}}


the name of the country, it should correspond to the title of the article about the country
Example: |country=Netherlands
the name of the country or region corresponding to the article named "Politics of title"
Example: |title=the Netherlands
the file name of a representative image
Example: |image=Coat of arms of the Netherlands.svg
the width of the image (default is frameless)
Example: |size=150px
alternative text for the image
Example: |alt=The coat of arms for the Netherlands depicting ...
add a border around the image
Example: |border=y

Regions that are not countries

the name of the region, it should correspond to the title of the article about the region
Example: |region=North Dakota

Modifying the linking

by default, the title parameter is used for both the link text and the link. to use a different value for the link, set link to a value which corresponds to the article named "Politics of link"

Removing the separator

by default, the horizontal rule at the bottom of the box has width 1px, to remove the separator, set |separator-width=0.

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