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Беседа:Полиномиална функция

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Полиномиална функция

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Please excuse me writing in English; my Bulgarian is rudimentary. I am Mathematician (up to and beyond University level). I propose to develop this page in elementary way, starting with linear, quadratic, cubic polynomials and examples thereof. I will post my suggestions here. I am following the English, French, and German pages... — Михал Орела 17:17, 12 септември 2009 (UTC)[отговор]

Now I see that there is a better page at МногочленМихал Орела 11:57, 14 септември 2009 (UTC)[отговор]

Sorry to bother you MihalOrela, but you need to check the ref you'd provided, cause it seems it's not there! - Deyan