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The ancient ritual of installing Karantanian [[duke]]s carried out in Slovenian language on the Prince's Stone (Slov. ''Knežji kamen'', German ''Fürstenstein''), an Ancient [[Celts|Celtic]] column, near [[Karnburg]] by a free [[farmer]] selected by his peers who questioned the new duke about his integrity. Subsequently, the new Duke had to swear an [[oath]] while sitting on the Duke's Chair (Slov. ''Vojvodski stol'', German ''Herzogsstuhl''), where he also received the homage of the [[estates]]. The Chair was located at the Gosposvetsko Field (Slov. ''Gosposvetsko polje''), which is today known in German as the ''[[Zollfeld]]'' north of [[Klagenfurt]] (Slov. Celovec) in [[Carinthia (state)|Carinthia]], [[Austria]]. This ceremony was conducted the last time in [[1414]], when the [[Habsburg]] [[Ernest of Austria (Habsburg)|Ernest the Iron]] was inthronized as Duke of [[Carinthia (duchy)|Carinthia]]. Some say that the ritual inspired [[Thomas Jefferson]] in writing the [[United States Declaration of Independence]] in [[1776]] as he read about it in the [[Jean Bodin]]'s ''Six livres de la Republique''.
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