Беседа:Дунав мост

от Уикипедия, свободната енциклопедия
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Кой беше архитектът?[редактиране на кода]

Кой беше архитектът на моста? Тук, архитектът е Георги Овчаров — но в немската, в английската и в ромънската Уикипедия, име му е В. Андреев, и в structurae.de, име му е е П. Андреев? Какво е право? --Wutzofant 20:37, 14 август 2007 (UTC)

The architect for sure is Георги Овчаров. But in Bulgaria most of the bridges are designed without the participation of an architect. In the case with Дунав мост they engaged an architect because the bridge has some decorations.
I suppose that Андреев (the few Bulgarian online sources use В. Андреев) could be the engineer that was actually leading the design. I didn't found anything more about him and the name is not one of the famous ones in the bridge design in Bulgaria - so it's possible that he is a Russian. --Спас Колев 11:25, 15 август 2007 (UTC)
Благодаря много. --Wutzofant 19:38, 18 август 2007 (UTC)

I am sorry that I do not speak your language, but I have resently visited Bulgaria and this brigde. It is said that it is not longer called Friendship. Is that correct, and if so, when was the name changed?

--Trygve W Nodeland 19:07, 19 ноември 2009 (UTC)