Робърт Йънг

от Уикипедия, свободната енциклопедия
Робърт Йънг
Роден8 юни 1915 г.
Починал22 юни 1986 г. (71 г.)
Националност САЩ
Активен период1952-
Жанрнаучна фантастика
Робърт Йънг в Общомедия

Робърт Франклин Йънг (на английски: Robert Franklin Young) е американски писател на научна фантастика.

Биография и творчество[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

Роден е в щат Ню Йорк, САЩ през 1915 г.

Първата му научнофантастична публикация е разказът The Black Deep Thou Wingest, който излиза на страниците на списанието "Startling Stories" през 1953 г. През своята писателска кариера Робърт Йънг пише най-вече по-кратки произведения (повести и разкази). Въпреки това са издадени и няколко негови романа.

През 1975 г. е издаден неговият роман La Quete de la Sainte Grille, който излиза само като издание на френски език.

Библиография[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

Романи[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  • Eridahn
  • La Quete de la Sainte Grille
  • Starfinder
  • The Last Yggdrasill
  • The Vizier's Second Daughter

Повести и разкази[редактиране | редактиране на кода]

  • A Glass of Mars
  • A Knyght Ther Was
  • A Pattern For Penelope
  • Above This Race of Men
  • Abyss of Tartarus
  • Added Inducement (Допълнителна примамка)
  • Adventures of the Last Earthman in His Search for Love
  • Alec's Anabasis
  • Arena of Decisions
  • As A Man Has A Whale A Love Story
  • Boarding Party
  • Boy Meets Dyevitza
  • Chrome Pastures
  • City of Beasts
  • Clay Suburb
  • Cousins
  • Crutch
  • Darkspace
  • Dialogue in a Twenty-First Century Dining Room
  • Divine Wind
  • Doll-Friend
  • Down the Ladder
  • Emily and the Bards Sublime (Емили и великите поети)
  • Findokin's Way
  • Fleuve Red
  • Flying Pan
  • Genesis 500
  • Ghosts
  • Ghur R'Hut Urr
  • Girl Saturday
  • Glass Houses
  • Glimpses
  • Goddess in Granite
  • Hex Factor
  • Hologirl
  • Hopsoil
  • I Bring Fresh Flowers
  • In Saturn's Rings
  • In what Cavern of the Deep
  • Invitation to the Waltz
  • Jonathon and the Space Whale
  • Jungle Doctor
  • Jupiter Found
  • Kingdom Come, Inc.
  • L'Arc De Jeanne
  • Let There Be Night
  • Little Dog Gone
  • Little Red Schoolhouse
  • Lord of Rays
  • Mars Child
  • Milton Inglorious
  • Minutes of A Meeting At The Mitre
  • More Stately Mansions
  • Neither Stairs Nor Door
  • New Route to the Indies
  • Nikita Eisenhower Jones
  • No Deposit, No Refill
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem II
  • One Love Have I (Една любов имам аз)
  • Origin of Species
  • P R N D L L
  • Passage to Gomorrah
  • Peeping Tommy
  • Perchance to Dream
  • Plane Jane
  • Production Problem
  • Project Hi-Rise
  • Redemption
  • Reflections
  • Remnants of Things Past
  • Report on the Sexual Behavior on Arcturus X
  • Revolution 20
  • Romance in a Twenty-First Century Used-Car Lot (Любовна история в един оказионен магазин през XXI в.)
  • Romance In An Eleventh-Century Recharging Station
  • Rumpelstiltskinski
  • Santa Clause
  • Shakespeare of the Apes
  • Spacetrack
  • St. George and the Dragonmotive
  • Star Mother
  • Starscape with Frieze of Dreams
  • Stop-Over
  • Storm Over Sodom
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Techmech
  • The Black Deep Thou Wingest
  • The Blonde From Barsoom
  • The Curious Case of Henry Dickens
  • The Dandelion Girl (Момичето-глухарче)
  • The Day the Limited Was Late
  • The Decayed Leg Bone
  • The Deep Space Scrolls
  • The Earth Books
  • The Eternal Lovers
  • The First Mars Mission
  • The Forest of Unreason
  • The Garden in the Forest
  • The Giant, the Colleen, and the Twenty-One Cows
  • The Giantess
  • The Girl in his Mind
  • The Girl Who Made Time Stop (Момичето, което спря времето)
  • The Hand
  • The Haute Bourgeosie
  • The Honeyearthers
  • The House That Time Forgot
  • The Journal of Nathaniel Worth
  • The Lost Earthman
  • The Mindanao Deep
  • The Moon of Advanced Learning
  • The Princess of Akkir
  • The Quest of the Holy Grille
  • The Second Philadelphia Experiment
  • The Servant Problem
  • The Space Roc
  • The Sphinx
  • The Star Eel
  • The Star Fisherman
  • The Star of Stars
  • The Stars Are Calling, Mr. Keats (Звездите зоват, мистър Кийтс!)
  • The Summer of the Fallen Star
  • The Tents of Kedar
  • The Thousand Injuries of Mr. Courtney
  • The Winning of Gloria Grandonwheels
  • The Years
  • There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
  • Thirty Days Had September (Септември има трийсет дни)
  • Three-Mile Syndrome
  • Tinkerboy
  • To Fell a Tree
  • To Touch a Star
  • Universes
  • Victim of the Year
  • Visionary Shapes
  • What Bleak Land
  • When Time Was New
  • Whom the Gods Love
  • Your Ghost Will Walk

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