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=== Сингли ===
==== 1960-те ====
* 1962: Miss Marmelstein, Happy Days are Here Again, My Coloring Book
* 1962:
* 1964: People, I Am Woman, Funny Girl, Absent Minded Me
* 1965: Why Did I Choose You, Happy Days are Here Again/My Coloring Book, My Man, He Touched Me
* 1966: Second Hand Rose, Where Am I Going?, You Wanna Bet, Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long, The Minute Waltz, Non... C'est Rien, Free Again
* 1967: Stout-Hearted Men, Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be!)
* 1968: Our Corner of the Night, I'd Rather Be Blue over You (Than Happy With Somebody Else), Funny Girl
* 1969: Honey Pie
==== 1970-те ====
== Източници ==
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