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Deutsch: National- und Handelsflagge des Deutschen Reiches von 1935 bis 1945, zugleich Gösch der Kriegsschiffe.
Das Hakenkreuz ist im Vergleich zur Parteiflagge der NSDAP um 1/20 zum Mast hin versetzt.
English: National flag and merchant ensign of the German Reich during 1935 to 1945
Plattdüütsch: Natschonal- in Hannelsflagg vun dat Düütsch Riek van 1935 bis 1945
Nederlands: Nationale- en handelsvlag van het Duitse Rijk van 1935 tot 1945
Русский: Государственный и торговый флаг Третьего рейха в 1935-1945 годах.
Флаг партии НСДАП
Flag Regulation of 18 June 1937.
Українська: Прапор Третього Рейху (1935—1945 рр.)
Източник Собствена творба
Автор Fornax
Used colors:
     black rendered as RGB 000 000 000
     white rendered as RGB 255 255 255
     red rendered as RGB 221 000 000
Nazi Flag – German Reich Color Scheme
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Public domain

This file depicts the flag of a German Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts (corporation governed by public law). According to § 5 Abs. 1 of the German copyright law, official works like coats of arms or flags are gemeinfrei (in the public domain). Since the Federal Republic of Germany is the legal successor of the Weimar Republic as well as of the Third Reich, this law is also applicable to flags promulgated before 1945.

Note: The usage of coats of arms and flags (especially those of the Third Reich) is governed by legal restrictions, independent of the copyright status of the depiction shown here.

Nazi symbol
Legal disclaimer
This image shows (or resembles) a symbol that was used by the National Socialist (NSDAP/Nazi) government of Germany or an organization closely associated to it, or another party which has been banned by the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany. The use of insignia of organizations that have been banned in Germany (like the Nazi swastika or the arrow cross) are also illegal in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Brazil, Israel, Ukraine, Russia and other countries, depending on context. In Germany, the applicable law is paragraph 86a of the criminal code (StGB), in Poland – Art. 256 of the criminal code (Dz.U. 1997 nr 88 poz. 553).


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